A triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. Our event involves swimming, running, and cycling over distances of 50m, 250m and 2500m respectively.
  1. The event will consist of two rounds.
    • The first round will be the Preliminary Round, out of which only 8 finalists will be selected.
      • will be a 1.5 km running.
      • will see a maximum of 25 participants
    • Round 2, or the Final Round, will see 8 finalists. It will consist of four stages:
      • Stage 1 – Swimming: 250m
      • Stage 2 – Running: 2.5 km
      • Stage 3 – Cycling: 4.5 km
  2. The time required to change from the stages will be included in the time of the race. (Wearing Swimming goggles and caps are necessary for all participants for Stage 1)
  3. All formal gears required for the different stages (e.g. swimming goggles, cap etc.) are compulsory, and must be brought by the participants themselves.
  4. If any participant is caught employing any unfair means, (s)he will be disqualified immediately.

Note : The distances for running and cycling include uphill and downhill tracks at some places.

# Prizes Worth 6000 To Be Won!

Rules are subject to change in the spirit of the Game & Fest and the final decision rests with RANBHOOMI organizing team.

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Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art, which means "the way of kicking and punching". In taekwondo, hands and feet can be used to overcome an opponent, but the trademark of the sport is its combination of kick movements.