• Game is played between two players (chong and hong).
  • One bout consists of two rounds of two minutes each. If there’s a tie, then a third round is conducted as per jury’s conditions.
  • Wearing all the guards is mandatory, except for the gum guards (optional).
  • Hitting an opponent on the back or below the waist, does not earn any points and may lead to deduction of points.
  • Awarding points: 4 points are awarded on hitting the head, 3 for hitting neck or shoulders, 2 for clean kick on chest guard and 1 for non-clear kick on chest guard.
    1. Half point (kyungo) can be deducted for not complying with the rules or the instructions from referees.
    2. One point (gamjoung) can be deducted for punching on face, injuring opponent with nails, holding kick of the opponent.
  • If a player is hit too hard on head, he/she will be given 10 sec space, for deciding that he/she wants to continue in game or not.
  • Player with the higher score wins and will be promoted to the next level.
  • Players are supposed to use the kit provided by the institute with special care. Players can be held responsible for any damage done to the kits that is deemed intentional.

Rules are subject to change in the spirit of the Game & Fest and the final decision rests with RANBHOOMI organizing team.

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A triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines. Our event involves swimming, running, and cycling over distances of 50m, 250m and 2500m respectively.