Become a Campus Ambassador

If you’re someone who can gather the masses and form teams, here is your chance to benefit from it! As a Ranbhoomi’17 Campus Ambassador, you not only get a chance to hone your leadership skills, but also get incredible perks for it. This is a chance for you to get a CV point, free goodies, t-shirt and stay during the fest, all at the same go!
Be a Campus Ambassador and lead your squad to Ranbhoomi’17 in style! Apply now

Perks of being a Campus Ambassador:

  • Campus Ambassador certificate stating that the person has worked as a CA for Ranbhoomi'17, IIM Indore
  • Free Ranbhoomi T-Shirt
  • Free accommodation & breakfast at IIM Indore, during the fest (Worth Rs 600!)
  • Free Pronight/Informal night pass ( including informal games and DJ night)
  • Free Sponsor Goodies and Merchandise

What are the requirements to be a campus ambassador?

  • You must be able to get at least 25 participants from your college
  • Only one campus ambassador per college is permitted

What is expected from a campus ambassador?

  • To promote the fest in his/her college
  • To display the Ranbhoomi posters in his/her college
  • To take all responsibility of his/her contingent

For any clarification or assistance for registration, please contact mail us :

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