About Ranbhoomi

The word "Ranbhoomi" truly captures the essence of any competitive Sport. It is about the challenge, the war, the performance in the war, the rules, the ethics, the spirit and all that contributes to culminate into a healthy competition where one desires victory, in its every form. The three-day event holds an enthralling variety of sporting events – ranging from the popular – Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball & Chess to the unusual including Arm-Wrestling, even! And, each promises to bring together the best talent from across the nation. Ranbhoomi brings to you, three days of pure, unadulterated sporting fun. Join in, play hard, compete well, and walk away with laurels and a shining victory that is promised.

Integrated Programme in Management

The Five Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM) is a novel enterprise of IIM Indore. In a country where IIMs are known for postgraduate management studies, IIM Indore has taken a step forward towards giving the country, not only good managers but leaders – leaders who have been nurtured from a very tender age to bring about a change in the world. IPM is the epitome of holistic education where the mind is not only honed to think, analyse, observe, critique and endeavour but also moulded to lead. IPM is that platform which brings forth bright, curious young minds and shapes them into the leaders that this country needs.